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Live Online Coaching

Instant Access to Top Coaches. Whether you are a student or a veteran performing artist, chances are, you can benefit from an experienced coach to help bring your skill set to the next level. Or perhaps, you just need a quick coaching session to prepare for an audition or performance.

Jai Rodriguez

Piano Accompaniments for Singers

Broadway Veteran Musicians ensure you are prepared. sidewired provides you with an easy and instant way to order piano accompaniments and excerpts (sides) on demand. MP3 files can be downloaded or streamed and are stored in cloud-based Music Book

Save Money and Raise Funds with Bundle Specials

Each Bundle comes with several Bundle Credits. Redeem each Credit when you need that item. Credits do not expire.

Fundraising for Arts Orgs and Schools

As a performing artist or a student of the arts, you now have access to top coaches nationwide. When you pay for a coaching session, you are provided quality mentoring and education that make a real difference for your career and your art! You can choose exactly who you want to learn from and what you want to learn. It’s on demand. That basically means, you have access to vital information when you need it most. From anywhere… anytime!

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